Michael Nettleton

Michael Nettleton

Michael Nettleton is an avid family historian with a flair for research and a penchant for storytelling. His forebears began migrating to North America over 400 years ago, blazing trails as pioneers, publishers, provisioners, publicans, postmasters, public officeholders and pot-stirrers. For more than two decades he has been following their traces, unearthing their stories and seeking their other descendants. Michael is an articulate and engaging speaker. He is a familiar voice as an online host with the Toronto Branch of OGS, supporting over 75 streamed events since 2020. As a management consultant and community volunteer he has presented and taught a broad range of topics — including teaching colleagues and clients how to get more out of technology since the advent of the IBM PC in the early 1980s. During the six years concluding with his retirement in 2020, he co-taught the highly-rated Strategic Enterprise Solutions certificate course at York University’s Schulich ExecEd program. His resume at michaelnettleton.com details the breadth of his podium experience, his professional background, and his ongoing commitment as a lifelong volunteer serving causes, programs and initiatives that build community and resilience.


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