Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy Day


We are absolutely delighted to announce that Jonny Perl has agreed to join us at AI Day! Already a marquee speaker for Conference 2024, Jonny is the world-renowned founder of DNA Painter ( Jonny’s Friday workshop at Conference sold out early, and we could not be more pleased that attendees will now have another opportunity to benefit from his inquiring mind.

Watch this space for details of Jonny’s participation, and further breaking news about AI Day – including the names of additional exciting speakers. Even if you have registered for other parts of Conference, don’t forget that you still can add AI Day to your selections (using the à la carte menu) – just as long as you do so before the limit on attendance is reached!


We are thrilled to announce that Blaine Bettinger will be a featured speaker at AI Day! Already a marquee speaker for Conference 2024, Blaine is the founder of the Genealogy and Artificial Intelligence Facebook Group (, which now has over five thousand members. Blaine also is a sought-after presenter and writer on the topic of AI and genealogy, and some of his contributions to the field are listed here: Welcome, Blaine!

Details of Blaine’s participation in AI Day, as well as other aspects of the event, including the names of additional exciting speakers, will be added to this page over time. Watch this space!


We are delighted to share with you the good news that planning is under way for an Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy Day to expand and enhance OGS Conference 2024. Date: Thursday June 13 (the day before the Friday workshops). Location: the same venue as the Conference. An additional fee will apply, and enrolment will be limited.

Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy Day, or AI Day for short, will offer a full program of informative, enjoyable, and thought-provoking content:

  • case studies illustrating how genealogists can already use AI productively
  • insights into how major genealogy organizations are using AI to assist us
  • informed opinions on how future developments may transform what we do in pursuit of both traditional and genetic genealogy
  • practical guidance as to how we as researchers might mitigate worries about AI much discussed in the media

Registration for AI Day will open on November 15, 2023, in conjunction with registration for Conference 2024.

We are very excited about AI Day and can’t wait to share details with you.