Eleanor’s Letters: A Collaborative Family History Project

Presented by Mark Thompson

60-Minute Presentation (All)

In the middle of a family zoom call, someone asked if anyone had seen the “trunk of letters” that Eleanor Thompson had saved throughout her long life.   The people on the Zoom call had no idea how deeply down the rabbit hole this innocent question was about to take them. 

 This session chronicles the ongoing project to copy, transcribe and share 2,500 letters found in an attic in southern Ontario in 2020.  The case study will show you how a dedicated team of family members is collaborating to preserve, understand and share 7,000 pages of family and cultural history.    

 The case study also shows how the family is using the project to pass along the life and times of their ancestors to a new generation.  What was it like to come of age in rural Ontario in the 1920s, start a life during the Great Depression, and survive World War II?