Are You a “Trust Me” Genealogist

Presented by Heather Oakley

60-Minute Bonus Track (All)

Any time you share your genealogical tidbits, is everyone supposed to believe you?  Do they know if you did proper research?  Can they trust your accuracy?  Are you trying to make your black sheep ancestor look lily white?  Do you want to believe family lore so much that you didn’t investigate fully?

Don’t be a “trust me” genealogist!

Real estate agents talk about “location, location, location”.  Well, genealogists should think “documentation, documentation, documentation”.  Genealogists review many information sources  – to show others what you have done, how you have done it and why, you need to provide documentation on your sources of information.  You will be showing others that you are sure of your research by including proper source citations.  You need to CITE YOUR SOURCES.

This presentation will show you the why and what of sources, evidence, and citations.