Heather Oakley

Heather Oakley has been an active volunteer in the Ottawa genealogy community since 1988. She has been a board member of the Ottawa Branch most of that time, holding the position of Secretary, Chair, Past Chair, Director at Large, Program Committee and now acting Vice Chair. Heather has also assisted in the organizing of Gene-O-Rama, special events like A Day at The Archives, 2000, 2007, 2017, and 2022 OGS conferences, and other events for Ottawa Branch and BIFHSGO. 

She is currently part of the Board of Directors for Ontario Ancestors/Ontario Genealogical Society. Over the years, she has acted as Master of Ceremonies and instructor/speaker for Ottawa Branch OGS as well as in sessions at the Ottawa Public Library, seniors residences, service groups and the joint Beginning Genealogy courses hosted by Ottawa Branch OGS and BIFHSGO. She is enthusiastic about preserving heritage especially as it relates to family history. 

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