Reimagining Genealogy

Presented by Chris Paton

Plenary Session This session is open to all Conference attendees

Genealogists need to reconnect with each other, as we are doing at Conference, but also reconnect with the records, not just the limited presentations of them through various online sites. We should also take the opportunity to reimagine how people and societies can take advantage of the changing genealogy world.

We need to knock ourselves out of the addiction of the simple keyword hit, and learn again what the records actually are, how they were gathered, why they were gathered, and the contemporary world within which they were gathered.

A lot has changed in recent years, with so many great ways to now interact, but we’re out of lockdowns now, and in reimagining how we go forward, we need to get the balance right in how things were done before, and how the new technologies can help for the future.