Drew von Hasselbach

Drew von Hasselbach

Drew von Hasselbach is a lawyer and journalist who has been doing genealogical research for more than 30 years. He received a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies in October 2022.  

Drew has experience researching records in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Germany, and Eastern Europe. He reads English, French, German and Latin. As a working journalist, since 2017, he has been with Global News, where he is currently head of the copy desk, supervising a team of editors who review stories before publication on the web, and training reporters on news writing techniques. Prior to Global, he was with The Financial Post for 20 years, covering legal matters, economics and mining.  

Outside of work, you might find him playing guitar with other journalists in the band Conrad Black Sabbath. 


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