Stephen Young

Stephen Young

Stephen, a native of London, Ontario, has been actively researching his family history for 45 years in the province where his paternal lines resided for five generations, first arriving in Toronto in the 1830s. He earned a BA at Brigham Young University in Family and Local History (1985), and an MA in History with emphasis in Public History from Bowling Green University in Ohio (1990). He has held a genealogical research accreditation in Canadian research with ICapGen since 1990. In 2022, Stephen retired from a 33-year career with, an occupation which included four years during the mid-1990s in England managing the British 1881 Census Project (a cooperative indexing project with family history societies throughout the UK), several years in the Family History Library administration in Salt Lake City, ending his employment as a Deputy Genealogical Officer. During this time, Stephen has enjoyed presenting at many conferences and publishing genealogical and historical articles, including several with OGS Families. He currently lives in Provo, Utah.


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