Pooran Bridgelal

man standing in front of bookcase
Pooran Bridgelal

Pooran Bridgelal is a Trinidadian born genealogist, researcher, author, and speaker residing presently in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A. (Hons) in Caribbean Studies, Religion and Aboriginal Studies. Pooran has spearheaded genealogy lectures in the UK, Toronto, and Trinidad. Several genealogy corporations such as Find My Past, Plantain, Toronto Genealogical Society, and others have sought out his expertise to help conduct research, lecture, write articles and train their company staff. He is also hired by private individuals to help research their family’s genealogy.

His primary focus is teaching individuals of Caribbean descent trace their ancestry and helping those of East Indian descent begin their research in India.

His presentations focus on understanding the history of the Caribbean Slave Registers, the East Indian Indentured records and how to interpret these precious records. Pooran is an avid collector of Westindiana which consists of rare books, maps, and ephemera.


Saturday Presentation: Tracing your Caribbean Ancestors

Sunday Presentation: Using the Caribbean Slave Registers and the East Indian Indentured Records